Web Development and Data Science

  • Rovigo
  • Dpointgroup Barceloma

Web Development is a real-time experience for students. It will take you through a journey of skill building and project building experience. You will understand the various product development phases and skills required to work on any Web Application product. Tasks for Web Development: Understanding client requirements and how they translate to new web features Collaborating with development team and other IT staff to set specifications for new applications Evaluate existing applications to reprogram, update and add new features Develop New Websites, Apps and Existing Web sites Web Marketing Update our websites, apps, create new sections Improve the web and app security and plugins The basic responsibilities of a Data Scientist include the following activities: gathering and preparing relevant data to use in analytics applications, using various types of analytics tools to detect patterns, trends and relationships in data sets developing statistical and predictive models to run against the data sets, and creating data visualizations, dashboards and reports to communicate their findings Required profile for the Internship: English spoken is a plus Remuneration (if any): none, commission basis on the sales Start date: flexible (recruitment during all the year) Length: flexible (according to the needs of the applicant between 1 to 6 month) Send your CV